Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mini Golf Scramble!

Last week's Friends and Family Night at Blue Inc. was mini golf at Congo River in Hoffman Estates.  They closed off a course for us to have our event, and we all had a blast.  We found our golfing partners and our opponents and began our scramble.  A lot of the guys played very well, and their competitiveness was at an all time high.  A few of the reps made holes in one, and Meredith, the HR Manager, said she played "the game of her life" and was on the winning team in her scramble! Others were not as lucky- one of the Account Managers, Sharon, actually took a fall and landed in one of the man made ponds on the course.

All in all, this was a great way to kick off the summer season and stay tuned to see what happened on our next Friends and Family night!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kickin' in with Blue!

In preparation for the upcoming kickball league championship, the Blue team held a kickball game in the parking lot, last night. Everyone split into two teams, who battled it out for the ultimate title of Blue kickball champs. Although everyone plays as a team in the league, last night lead to some friendly taunting and competitve play between teams. The game got very intense, as players ran to the safety of bases, and scored run after run. Of course, along with scoring runs, there come many outs and close calls. Some people were out as soon as they kicked the ball into the opposing team's arms, but there were many people who were racing to beat the ball to the base, or attempting to dodge the ball as it soared toward them. Though both teams celebrated some awesome plays and incredible kicks, only one came out victorious. The winning team bathed in the glory of their victory, while the losers shuffled away in shame.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ultimate Frisbee!!!

Friends and Family night at Blue, Inc was done right last week when we all played Ultimate Frisbee.  For those of you who have never played Ultimate Frisbee, its a lot of fun, and involves a lot of running.  We played in an open field, the only light coming from our glow-stick bracelets and the light-up frisbee (which is the only fun way to play).  It was pretty windy, which made for some interesting passes between teammates.  The frisbee was constantly switching between teams as we raced back and forth trying to score. We fought the wind, trying to keep the frisbee in bounds and keep passing it to our own teammates.  A couple of the guys in the office, being the natural athletes they are, were able to throw the frisbee clear across the field and have someone catch it for the goal.  That made it the best play of the night!  Stay tuned next week to see what other fun activities we'll have in store at Blue!