Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue holds a bags tournament for Office Night!

The Blue team headed to Poplar Creek Bowl, on Thursday, to have a fun filled office night, after a long day in the office and out in the field. The evening activities revolved around the game of bags, with teams of two going head to head, in a bracket style tournament.

The game let everyone show their impeccable throwing accuracy, while showcasing their incredible arm muscles. Though bags brings out the competitive side of our team members, it also encourages and develops the communication skills between the team pairs (along with some taunting of the opposing team). Who doesn't love some competition mixed in with team work?

Everyone had fun with the tournament, and between rounds of the bracket, some people picked up the mic to sing some karaoke. There were a few shining karaoke stars from the group, and everyone enjoyed listening to the music while the hung out with the group!

With the great bags tournament, and karaoke skills, I'm not sure this office night will be topped!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Office Night at Laser Quest

         Office night took the Blue crew out to Laser Quest last Thursday, for another competitive evening of laser tag. To kill some time, while waiting for the group to arrive, some people played a few arcade games, like basketball and air hockey, while others contemplated their options for code names. The game had some great opponents like "Slim Shady", "Katniss", "Rain Man" and even a bitter "ex-girlfriend"! 

          When the players were released into the arena, everyone ran for safety in this every man for himself round of laser tag. As everyone ran through the darkened maze, searching for the flashing targets of their opponents, they became more and more engaged in the game. Some people formed teams and managed to conquer entire sections of the arena. Although some alliances were formed, only one player was given the honor of the top laser tagger of the game. Rain Man reigned above the other players with his amazing accuracy and ability to dodge the lasers of other players. Though Rain Man was able to beat DWebb this time, I have a feeling there will be some intense rivalry for the top spot during Blue's next Laser Quest adventure!