Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day BBQ

This past Saturday, the Blue team gathered at the home of Manager, Nicole's house, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a cookout. Everyone joined in the festivities by donning their best green attire, even sporting some holiday accessories!

All Blue employees and their families were invited to join in the fun, which included great food, good times, and enticing conversation! Tons of delicious options were grilled up for everyone to enjoy, and people were also able to enjoy some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

Though the food kept people busy for  a while, the NCAA tournament was playing for all of the sports fans in attendance. The tournament sparks heated conversation and debate over which school was better, and which team would eventually reign over the others, as champion. As the Blue team is constantly working together, in the office, they enjoyed the ability to display their competitive spirit!