Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday night at Laser Quest!

After a long day at work, who doesn't love to spend an evening of competitive fun, shooting their coworkers with laser beams? At Blue, we know just how to let off some steam after a long day! The team was off to LaserQuest last Thursday to enjoy an fun, but competitive game of laser tag.

Upon arrival, each person got to create their own code name. Following name selection, the team learned the rules of the game, and grabbed their gear. However, everyone had to recite LaserQuest pledge before being allowed to enter the darkened arena.

Soon, the Blue team was divided, placing coworkers against one another, in an intense laser battle! Three teams battled it out for the winning title, but only one could be named the LaserQuest champion. After an awesome battle, the teams shed their guns and vests, and anxiously awaited the announcement of the winning team...the Red Team!

Though winners and losers had a great time, everyone learned an important piece of information from the evening. Everyone will be keeping DWebb on their radar from now on, as the highest scoring Blue employee at LaserQuest! Maybe those Canadians aren't as peaceful as we thought!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Roast to Send Off Randy and the Raleigh Team

Last night the office held an event as the final farewell to Randy and the other Blue team members heading off to Raleigh, North Carolina. After work, everyone headed to La Margarita for drinks, pool and darts before the main event began. "The main event" consisted of a roast of Randy, where he was made the center of attention while people poked fun at all of his 'short' comings. About 7 brave members of the Blue team prepared some not so kind words for him.
After everyone had their chance to make fun at Randys expense, the goodbyes began. After the realization sunk in, that about a third of the office will be relocating to Raleigh, the emotions flowed and TONS of pictures were taken.  The team couldn't be more excited to see their team members leave for Raleigh, and watch as they reach all of their goals in North Carolina. Congratulations again Randy, we'll miss you, here in Schaumburg!